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Blair Digital is a one woman digital agency. I’m Abi the web designer/developer…and everything else here at Blair Digital. I’ve had a passion for technology since I was was young. I worked analysing pharmaceutical data for many years and eventually started computer programming and web development. I’ve built a number of software applications but my heart is in web development. I love taking a clients requirements and building a site they love.

I’m an experienced web designer and developer and work in a wide range of technologies including, html, css, js, PHP, Angular, C#, Java. A majority of my work is with WordPress as it’s one of the best choices for most small/medium businesses. I have a wide experience in building custom WordPress themes and plugins.


What it Takes

To build the right site for each client there needs to be good communication, attention to detail and a good ongoing relationship to help make the website succeed long term. To achieve this I provide realistic price estimates based upon the time it will take from start to finish. This means that I don’t go running off at the end of a project never to be seen again.


Every Project is Unique

I also understand that each client is different. Some have no technical experience and just want a website as a sort of business card. Other want to be involved in each step of the process. Projects and prices are customised based upon this to make the process as smooth as can be. Check out my client testimonials to see what my former and current clients say.


The One. The Only

I work alone because it suits me and because I’m not prepared to compromise my standards. Many development companies will outsource their work overseas and skim off the profits, but in my experience this leads to problems both in communication and with the quality of the end product.

So if you’re wanting to talk about your next project get in touch. I’m friendly (unless it’s before 9am) and will be happy to offer you the best advice for your business.