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If you would like a website for your business get in touch for a free quote today. We can either talk you through your options and each step of the process or just provide a quick no-nonsense quote, depending on your style.

Why should you have a website?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years you’ll know that, love it or hate it,  the world has gone digital. Most people have access to huge amount of information right at their finger tips. If you’re a business this change will affect you.

Whatever your business type from plumbing, cleaning, consultancy and even  a local shop or cafe, many of your customers will expect to find information about you online. The internet has become the new version of browsing. As people consider spending money they look for information, advice and prices online. If you are easily found online and give potential clients enough information and enough reason to trust you, you will gain new business.

Just because you don’t like using the internet, don’t assume your customer feel the same

How can I get a website?

That’s where we come in! The first step is an initial discussion, this can be by email, skype, phone or in person. We’ll talk to you about your business and what type of website you want. Some people will not have a clue about technology and/or about exactly what they want their website to be like. While others will have a clear picture in their mind along with copious notes. We’re more than happy to work with you in either case.

After the initial discussion we’ll go away and calculate a quote. As our overheads are low we offer extremely competitive prices and always try to fit into our clients budget. If you only have a small budget we’ll let you know what we can deliver for that budget rather than turn you away.

Once we’ve started your project and have a good idea of what you want we’ll work on a first draft. Once this is complete we let you have a play around with the site, look things over and then get your feedback. After that, we complete the site and again make any changes you need.

Finally, once the site is complete we’ll move it to your host account (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is).
If you want to be able to update the text on the site we’ll make a free video or 2 using your site and demonstrating how you can make changes.